water – the nutrient many forget

Totally love this post on the importance of water! It’s one of the most valuable resources we can partake of and yet we almost resolve ourselves to steer clear of it…choosing sodas, energy drinks, juices, etc. I’m reposting phenOMNOMenal health’s post because it’s thorough and important…very important for our health.
Supernaturalsoldier…..”Drink WATER!”

PhenOMNOMenal Health

Water is everywhere and in everything, more or less.  But you already knew that, right?  So why do we find it so hard to remember to drink enough water?  Water is the most important nutrient in the body – you can go about 8 weeks without food, but you can only go a few days without water.  Let’s take a look at some of the roles of water in our body so we can appreciate how important this nutrient is to our health.

the roles of water

1.  Improves oxygen delivery to cells

2.  Removes wastes from the body

3.  Flushes toxins

4.  Transports nutrients

5.  Moistens oxygen for easier breathing

6.  Cushions bones and joints

7.  Lubricates joints

8.  Absorbs shocks to joins and organs

9.  Regulates body temperature

10.  Prevents tissues from sticking

11.  Maintains normal electrical properties of cells

12.  Improves cell-to-cell communications

13.  Empowers the…

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Gluten sensitivities are caused by products that contain wheat, rye oats and barley. This means that grains (i.e., every bread product you’ve ever eaten…just about) are not your friend, if you have this sensitivity. Some signs and symptoms that your body does not do well with gluten products include: bloating, skin rashes, diarrhea or constipation, unexplained weight gain or loss, etc. Hidden sources of gluten include: alcohol, dressings, fried foods, vinegar, medications, vitamins, processed foods, soups, soy and other sauces.  If you suspect that you have a problem with gluten products, I would like to recommend that you see your personal healthcare provider and request to be screened for gluten sensitivity. Lifestyle changes that are usually recommended to individuals that have gluten sensitivity include: removing gluten products from the diet, removing excess sugars (i.e., bad carbohydrates) and lowering daily stress levels. Gluten sensitivity is another reason some individuals have become interested in the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet offers clean eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.


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Sanfilippo, Diane. 2012. “Practical Paleo A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle”. Las Vegas: Victory Belt Publishing Inc.


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‘He gives me an unconditional love’: How a service dog saved the life of a veteran suffering from PTSD

This is another great story about how a German Shepherd named Lubeck helps a Veteran deal with PTSD. Supernaturalsoldier…….”Support Our Wounded Warriors”.

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Help Therapy Animals Heal Military Families Today!

I’m a big advocate of service dogs for military veterans. It’s just one of those things that can provide so much support for anyone dealing with anxiety, not too mention PTSD. Great program!
Supernaturalsoldier……”Feel the Love, Now Drop and Give Me 20 Push-Ups”!

Branching Out

therapy-dogs-webAnyone who has ever loved an animal knows how powerful and healing its presence can be.

Specially-trained therapy animals are a tremendous help to military families recovering from war and separation at our Operation Purple® camps and retreats. These families have sacrificed so much, and they struggle with uncertainty and other stress.

Therapy animals—including cuddly cats, loving dogs, gentle horses, and others—help military families break down barriers they can’t themselves. These nurturing animals provide a sense of calm for adults and kids often surrounded by stress. And they lend a feeling of “home.” They allow service members to reconnect, talk more openly about their fears and needs, and solidify fragile bonds with their spouses and children at our camps and retreats.

Please help more military families heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war through the comforting presence of therapy animals today. Donate now!

Has an animal or pet…

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Are you motivated to run your first 5K, yet? Or are you inspired by others who are participating in 5Ks and marathons? What ever your motivation for running, the first thing you must do is to get fitted for your running shoes before you do anything else. However, you also need to get a check- up with your doctor to ensure that you are physically able to participate in running before you start any new physical training program. You chose, but both tasks need to be addressed before you put any pounding to the pavement (i.e., running).

Supernaturalsoldier….”You Can Do It”!

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Your difficulties are not sent to destroy you – Joel Osteen

One more great thought…shared by “Lugen Family Office” tonight.

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Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles

I like it….try to apply this everyday by not worrying.

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